Watch Deadly Replica Witcher 3 Swords Get Forged

The talented people making dreams come true at Man At Arms have made a beautiful name for themselves online as people who forge some of nerd culture and gaming’s most iconic weapons. Their latest endeavor is no less inspired than those that came before it: the Serpentine swords from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Available for crafting early on in the game, the Serpentine swords are a steel and silver sword set based on the craftsmanship and style of the witcher School of the Viper in The Witcher universe. Meant to be obscenely sharp and balanced, witcher swords must be able to cut through the thickest monster skin and slide through the toughest bone.

Check out the forging and test-swinging of a real-life pair of the two blades in the video below. Whereas they aren’t the best swords in The Witcher 3 by a long shot, they are arguably the best swords players can get in the game’s starting area of White Orchard.


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