Watch Dogs 2’s PC Prowess Showcased With New Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 is already out on consoles, and has gotten solid marks across the board. With the PC version coming two weeks after the console release, it has led to fans wondering just what the wait would be for and if it would be worth it. Today, NVIDIA showed off a new trailer detailing how their technology would help make the PC version of the game the definitive incarnation.

The game will feature optimized graphical options for older and newer hardware, and the developers have worked with NVIDIA to make sure that the PC version has more details and lighting effects to add realism to the in-game world. The ANSEL tool will allow you to not only capture in-game footage, but take 360 degree photos of the world. These can be shared online with friends and capture your favorite moments in new and exciting ways. At launch, the game will have no FPS caps imposed on it and 4K textures are available. Watch Dogs 2 launches on PC on November 29.