Watch EVO 2015’s Street Fighter V Panel Right Here

Many details came out of international fighting game tournament EVO 2015 this weekend concerning the upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V. For those fortunate enough to attend the event, Capcom held an informative panel for Street Fighter V, revealing many new details about how the game is developed and how they plan to monetize it.

Street Fighter V will start off with a roster of 16 characters, 4 of which would be new and unique to this entry in the series. The roster will then expand via DLC updates. Unlike the many re-releases of Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V will allow players to either purchase new characters and content or unlock them by earning an in-game currency. There will be two kinds of currency in Street Fighter V that can be used to get new characters and content: Fight Money, which can be earned in-game, and Zenny, which is bought with real money. Specific pricing however has yet to be determined.

Watch the EVO Street Fighter V panel below, it’s quite interesting. Street Fighter V will be available Spring 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.