Watch Raiden Wear a Sombrero and Poncho as He Slices and Dices in Metal Gear Rising

If you’ve yet to experience more than a handful of levels in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, you’re probably wondering why exactly Raiden is wearing a sombrero and poncho. While we won’t tell you that, we can say that it does have to do with the story and isn’t random retailer-exclusive DLC or any of that nonsense. A few levels in, the “Mariachi Outfit” can be purchased in-game for 20,000 BP and is a wearable skin throughout the entire adventure.

In an attempt to show the surrealism of this, we’ve captured a few minutes of Raiden in action looking like he’s about to have a showdown with Clint Eastwood — or at least play music in a tacky Mexican restaurant. Enjoy.