We Happy Few Delayed to Summer 2018

We Happy Few has received a few mixed reactions ever since its release in Early Access, but developers Compulsion Games have been trying to iron out the kinks as best as they can. And in doing so, the team has taken a look at everything so far, and felt that the initial few hours needed to be improved in order to match the rest of the game. As such, Arthur’s initial story and the game’s first few areas have been reworked, as detailed in the update video below, but this will result in the twisted psychedelic survival game being delayed from April to Summer 2018.

As a bit of a consolation prize, though, the video also gives us a peek at one of the game’s other playable characters from later on in the story, Sally. And judging from the few clips we see, her journey may indeed somehow end up being a tad more insane, even for a world where drugs are mandatory. We Happy Few is set to come out this Summer for PC, XB1, and PS4, and the developers will keep releasing regular updates until its release.

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