WolfEye Studios’ Weird West Targeting Fall Release

WolfEye Studios’ dark, fantastical reimagining of the Wild West, is certainly living up to its namesake, if its latest trailer is anything to go by. Guns, magic and werewolves alike combine in this upcoming action RPG that centers around the tale of five heroes in which decision-making and reactive choices play a pivotal part in how each campaign will eventually unfold. Plus you can decide to go about exploring the West on your own, or as part of a team. Today though, we now have a narrower time-frame on when we can get our hands on what will be the studio’s debut release — the game planned for release sometime this Fall.

Originally announced back in December 2019, Weird West is the first game by newly-created developer WolfEye Studios whose members were formerly of Arkane Studios, the developer you might know as the brains behind the Dishonored series. Weird West will be published by Devolver Digital and will be available across PS4, Xbox One & PC.