Winter Gear, Hardcore Mode Rush Into Ghostrunner

Most people do their best to stay inside and stay warm once the weather turns cold, but then cyber-assassins are most people. In all likelihood, they would try to take advantage and use it against their enemies somehow. This is exactly what the Winter Pack DLC in Ghostrunner helps its athletic assassins to do, albeit in a manner much more literal than expected. With this pack, the cold isn’t an advantage so much as it is an actual weapon.

With the Cold Snap Katana and Cold Blood glove, players can take out their targets with a bit of wintry flair. It probably isn’t any more effective than usual, but perhaps the enemies can at least appreciate going out thanks to a cool ice sword. Ghostrunner is also getting a free update on December 17. In addition to the usual update fare, players will be receiving a new Hardcore Mode. As the name implies, this is for those who’ve achieved mastery and are looking for new challenges to conquer. All of this will be hitting the Nintendo Switch on January 14, and it will likely be included in the next-generation versions upon their launch.

Ghostrunner is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review for the full breakdown on everything it brings to the action game table.