Wizard of Legend Demo Is Fast-Paced Spell Slinging Museum Action

One of the best ways to show off a gaming Kickstarter is with a demo, which turns all the promises and wishful thinking into a concrete example of what you’ll be getting.  Frequently it’s a cross-section of gameplay unique to the demo rather than a slice of the final game, both to show off a concentrated burst of gaming and also because it’s usually too early to have anything final in place.  Wizard of Legend takes this a step further by creating a micro-game that’s actually a sequel to the Kickstarter project, taking place years later in a museum dedicated to the quest’s events, and it’s a really fun way to learn about its systems.

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced spell-slinging combat action game where you’re much quicker and more agile than the old man with a staff and robe that’s the usual wizardly stereotype.  Sure, you’ve got a robe, but it streams out behind you from the speed of your moves, and all spells come from the mystic force contained in your bare hands.  At demo’s start, though, you’re just a visitor, but the kiosks in the museum award abilities a few at a time until you’ve got a fire-dash, five regular spells plus a high-powered signature spell, and a spark familiar trailing along behind.  Each spell has a cool-down period, and they can be assigned to the four face buttons and shoulder buttons any way you’d like.  The whole museum tour is fairly quick, easily cleared in 15-20 minutes, and most of it is walking around, talking to the attendants and guests, and learning each move as you find it.  The final room is a nice confrontation against a series of enemies that put up a good fight and require smart usage of your skills, though, and while it’s only a taste of the combat to come it’s more than enough to show the basic gameplay systems are already a lot of fun.

Wizard of Legend is on Kickstarter and could use a little attention to help reach its goal.  Head on over to check out the demo and throw some dangerous fast-paced combat magic around.