You Can Drive Fallout 4 Cars…in Forza 6

In an interesting cross promotion between Fallout and Forza Motorsport, Xbox One players will be able to drive two Fallout themed cars in Forza Motorsport 6. The first, a 1956 Ford F100, is decked out in the iconic blue and yellow of the Fallout games and is available today in celebration of the Fallout 4 release on November 10.  The second car has been revealed as the ‘Chryslus Rocket 69.’  This second car is a fictional design from the Fallout universe and will be available for a limited time in 2016.

Tom Howard, Game Director for Fallout 4 had this to say.

“As a fan of Forza Motorsport 6, it is great to see Fallout 4 making an appearance in celebration of the game’s launch. We are looking forward to showing the fans the new world of Fallout and the Ford F100 Fallout 4 is now part of that”