You Can Now Be Undead in Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter is getting plenty of traction past its initial goal. So far, it’s generated over $1,200,000, with 24 days still left to go. As such, the upcoming isometric RPG is getting some nice stretch goals like a new playable race: the Undead.

When people die in Divinity’s world of Rivellon, they go to the Hall of Echoes, but those who resist the pull to the Hall progressively become Undead. There are three types of Undead: Raised Ones, who were resurrected by necromancers, Faint Ones, amnesiac creatures who keep resisting the pull of the Hall of Echoes, and the Chosen Ones, who are mysterious, intelligent, and civilized.

Many things are yet to be announced about the Undead but the latest stretch goal means that Original Sin 2 just got even deeper. Check out the new Kickstarter update video below for nifty details.