You Can Now Make Your Own Prisons in The Escapists 2

A much-requested feature from fans has now been implemented into the PC version of developer Mouldy Toof’s prison simulator follow-up, The Escapists 2. And as you can see purely in the accompanying image above, the new Prison Editor won’t stop players from carving out some of the more labyrinth-fashioned complexes.

The editor feature allows players to construct prisons across two floors as well as the roof and is as simple as a drag-and-drop of rooms, furniture and more importantly, prison cells. Finished works can then be shared through Steam Workshop where others can play through them in single-player or multiplayer, both local and online. You can see the editor in action in the video below. The Escapists 2 is also available for PS4 & Xbox One with a Switch version to follow in the near future.