ZOMBEEZ: A Killer Queen Remix Breaks Out of Early Access September 1

BumbleBear Games’ first single-player Killer Queen game, ZOMBEEZ: A Killer Queen Remix, will at last be leaving early access for a 1.0 release on PC September 1. The announcement came alongside the release of the early access version’s newest level: “Citadel of Blood,” which may also¬† be the game’s most challenging level yet. If players want to get their bug man through the gauntlet, they’ll need to combine superb platforming skill with knowledge of each zombified bug’s patterns. Check out a bit of the action below.

Many of the hallmarks  of the original Killer Queen Black make their return in ZOMBEEZ, including: riding snails, berries and transforming into a powerful flying insect. Between these, procedurally-generated levels, powerful bosses like the Blood Queen and weekly/monthly challenges, there should be plenty here to keep any Killer Queen or arcade action fan going for a long time.