Write With Us

So YOU want to join Hardcore Gamer? Cool, but hold your Eponas. While we’re always looking for talented gamers and journalists to join the team, we actually value your gaming knowledge more than your Twitter followers. Shocking, we know. Played Mario with your brother growing up and now write about video games after quitting a music blog? Don’t apply. Loved Rez enough that you imported a trance vibrator from Japan? We want you! If you’re a strong, passionate writer with a unique voice and were a gamer before you even thought about being a journalist, we’ll get together like chocolate and peanut butter.

In the over ten years we’ve been in publication, we’ve had every conceivable type of writer come through and have learned one thing: resumé appearance can be deceiving. Someone may have graduated from Cornell (besides Andy Bernard) yet have no idea how to handle writing about video games in a real world setting. Our staff have been through the trenches, around for years or even decades writing about video games not because they’re trying to be the next personality, but because they simply love games. There’s a reason why our writers have gone onto things like co-hosting television shows or running IGN.

Simply put, if you’re obsessed with games and are a great writer looking for a soapbox, hit us up with a resumé at writewithus AT hardcoregamer DOT com. The worst we can say is “You’re awful, don’t quit your day job.”