All Mighty Food & Elixir Recipes Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Strengthening Link with Mighty Elixirs to increase his attack power is one of the most popular buffs players choose to run with in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It will mean that you can take down enemies much easier, with a lot less attacks than you would without them.

In this article we go over all of the ingredients you will be able to utilize to make Mighty Elixirs and Mighty Food to increase your attack power.

Increase Attack Power with Mighty Recipes

  • Mighty recipes increase your attack power by either a low, medium, or high amount, depending on the quality of the consumable.

Cooking with more of the ingredients that cause attack power increases using the “Mighty” effect in one pot will result in a higher attack power buff.

Here we will provide all the recipes you can use in Zelda: TOTK to provide that strength boost you are looking for.

All Mighty Elixir Recipes in TOTK

To make Elixirs, you will need to combine critters with monster parts in a cooking pot or a Zonai Portable Pot. The more critters you use, the better the attack power bonus. Mix it with any monster part to create the elixir.

Mighty Elixir: Mix any of the following critters with any monster part to create the Mighty Elixir. Use more of these Bladed Rhino Beetles to increase the amount of time you receive the buff for.

Mighty Critters
Item Duration
Bladed Rhino Beetle 50 seconds


All Mighty Food Recipes in TOTK

To make Food (Meals), you will need to combine food in a cooking pot or a Zonai Portable Pot.  The more of these food ingredients listed below that you use, the higher the attack power gain. Make sure you do not mix these with critters or monster parts, or it will result in Dubious Food.

You can mix these ingredients with other food, as long as the food you are mixing it with does not have a special effect related to it.

Mighty Food: Mix any of the following food in a cooking pot.

Mighty Ingredients
Item Duration
Mighty Bananas 50 minutes
Mighty Carp 50 minutes
Mighty Porgy 50 minutes
Mighty Thistle 50 minutes
Razorclaw Crab 50 minutes
Razorshroom 50 minutes

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