Best Meal Recipes In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, cooking plays a crucial role in restoring health, boosting stats, and providing temporary buffs to Link. While there isn’t a specific “best” meal in the game, there are several recipes that are highly beneficial.

Remember, the ingredients you use and the number of them can affect the potency and duration of the effects. Experimentation with various combinations can lead to even more powerful meals and elixirs.

It’s worth noting that personal preferences and playstyles can vary, so feel free to experiment and discover your own favorite recipes and combinations as you embark on your adventure in Breath of the Wild.


Mixing ingredients of different types will negate any effects, resulting in a plain dish with no bonus effects.

Best Meals By Effect Type

While there is no single best recipe, the most advantageous meals come with bonus effects when combining certain ingredients. The most useful meals in Zelda: TOTK depend on the situation, but in general players will want to look for ingredients that provide the following attributes, ranked in order of overall importance:

  1. Hearty
  2. Enduring
  3. Gloom Recovery
  4. Gloom Resist
  5. Glow

Hearty and Enduring meals are useful in all situations that deal with combat and exploration. Gloom Resist, Gloom Recovery, and Glow are all very useful for exploring the Depths. Fireproof proves invaluable when adventuring in very hot places without any fire resistance gear.


Best Hearty Meal  Recipes In TotK

Meals with the Hearty Effect add additional hearts to Link’s Health meter. These are indicated by their yellow color. They last until Link takes damage. When these hearts are lost, they are not recovered when a player eats food that restores health. The best meal to cook is the Hearty Fried Wild Greens to maximize the effect of bonus hearts.

  • [Big Hearty Radish]: cook 5 of these together to create a meal that will restore health to full and provide 25 extra temporary hearts.
  • [Hearty Lizard] in combination with any monster part will create a Hearty Elixir


Best Enduring Meal Recipes In TotK

Meals with the Enduring Effect will provide Link with additional Stamina wheels, indicated by their yellow color. Just like Hearty meals, they are also temporary and act in the same manner.


Best Gloom Recovery Meals In TotK

Gloom Recovery is also going to be very strong in the Depths when you are nowhere near a Lightroot and want to continue exploring. Creating Sunny Meals will actually restore those hearts that were lost.

  • [Sundelion] in the Sky Islands are needed to create Gloom Warding Meals.


Best Gloom Resist Meals In TotK

The new zone in Tears of the Kingdom is The Depths, which provides some interesting challenges. No doubt you may have experienced red patches on the terrain and the red glowing enemies. When a player comes into contact with Gloom it will take away a player’s hearts, unable to recover with food*. Having Gloom Resistance improves your ability to resist the negative effects of the Gloom in the Depths for longer. It’s also helpful when battling Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon as they both spawn puddles of Gloom beneath them.

  • [Dark Clump] are needed to add the Warding Effect to meals.


Best Glow Meals In TotK

Lastly, the Glow Effect is really helpful when exploring dark caves and when initially exploring The Depths. Cooking some Bright Meals with the Glow Effect can reduce the need to be continuously tossing Brightbloom Seeds.  If you aren’t wearing the Miner’s Armor, which provides a small glow effect, then be sure to craft the Bright Food and Elixirs.

  • [Brightcap] is what you’ll need to cook to gain the Glow Effect. Cooking 5 of these together will produce a mid-level glow effect.
  • [Deep Firefly] will create elixirs with the Glow Effect.


Best Fireproof Meals In TotK

There are a few areas with flowing lava and fire-infused enemies where having the Fireproof Effect will be valuable. While there are some ingredients that increase a player’s resistance to hot temperatures, there aren’t any that provide full immunity.


Whether you seek increased stamina for exploration, enhanced combat abilities, or protection against environmental hazards, the world of Hyrule is filled with culinary possibilities waiting to be discovered. So gather your ingredients, ignite the cooking pot, and unleash the power of your culinary creations in your quest to save the kingdom. Bon appétit and may your meals in Tears of the Kingdom bring you strength, resilience, and victory!

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